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About Product

Urban Service Marketplace

Introducing the Multi-Vendor On demand Urban Service Marketplace and Service Finder, a comprehensive solution for all your service needs. With this platform, you'll be able to connect with trusted and reliable service providers in your local area and get your tasks and chores completed with ease. The platform is loaded with innovative features such as location-based search, multi-vendor support, real-time booking, and secure payment options to ensure convenience, reliability, and safety. Whether you need a plumber, cleaner, electrician, or any other service, our marketplace connects you with the right professionals quickly and efficiently.

About Product

Top Features

Buyer & Seller Registration

Easily sign up as a buyer or seller on our Urban Service platform, unlocking access to a range of benefits and features tailored to your needs.

Listing Your Store/Services

Showcase your store or services on our multivendor website and app, attracting potential customers and increasing your visibility in the Urban Service marketplace.

Service by location

Efficiently find and offer services based on location, ensuring that buyers and sellers can connect with each other seamlessly within their desired area.

Schedule Base Order System

Enjoy a schedule-based order system that allows buyers to conveniently select their desired time and date for service while enabling sellers to manage bookings effectively.

Chat Messages with Users

Engage and communicate directly with users through our chat messaging feature, fostering convenient and personalized interactions for both buyers and sellers.

Order Invoice System

Streamline your transactions with our order invoice system, generating detailed invoices for each order placed, making it easier to track and manage your sales and purchases.

Multiple Payments Gateway Integrations

Provide users with flexible payment options by seamlessly integrating multiple payment gateways into the Urban Service platform, ensuring smooth and secure transactions for both buyers and sellers.

Monetization Opportunities

Our app provides monetization opportunities through targeted advertising, allowing businesses to advertise relevant products and services to users based on their preferences and interests. This helps generate revenue for the app and expand its reach.


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