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About Product

LMS - Learning Management System

LMS is an online course marketplace with a pile of features that helps you to run your online education business easily. This product helps instructors and students to get in touch together and share knowledge. Instructors will be able to create unlimited video courses, live classes, text courses, projects, quizzes, files, etc and students will be able to use the educational material and increase their skill level. This LMS is based on real business needs, cultural differences, and advanced user researches so the product covers your business requirements efficiently .

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About Product

Top Features

Course Management

Easily create and manage courses, including organizing course materials, setting deadlines, and tracking student progress.

Interactive Content

Engage learners with interactive content such as videos, quizzes, and discussions, enhancing their learning experience.

Assessment Tools

Create and administer quizzes and assessments, providing immediate feedback and tracking student performance.

Collaboration Tools

Foster collaboration among learners through discussion boards, group projects, and shared resources.

Reporting and Analytics

Monitor learning outcomes, track user engagement, and generate detailed reports to measure the effectiveness of courses.


Incorporate gamified elements like badges, leaderboards, and rewards to motivate and incentivize learning.

Mobile Compatibility

Access courses and learning materials anytime, anywhere, from any device, ensuring a seamless learning experience on the go.

30 worldwide payment gateways

Accept payments through all popular payment gateways, providing convenience and flexibility


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